Evaluation Criteria

Allocated marks for Evaluation criteria:


Evaluation Criteria Marks Allocation
Performance Criteria 15%
Security Criteria 30%
Technical Criteria 20%
Design Criteria 15%
Content Criteria 10%
Bonus Points 10%
TOTAL 100%

The following criteria’s will be evaluated when judging all websites:

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Performance Criteria

  • Page load time
  • Response time
  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • Time to First Byte (TTFB)
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Security Criteria

  • Remote code execution vulnerabilities
  • Injection issues
  • DoS / DDoS vulnerabilities
  • Virus/Malware detection
  • Arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities
  • Usage of components with knows issues
  • Security mis-configurations
  • Usage of cryptography
  • Usage of Web Applications Firewall (WAF)
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Technical Criteria

  • All pages should be complete
  • Contact information including physical addresses, e-mail and tel. no.
  • Feedback /contact us form
  • Searching facility
  • Privacy policy (for website collecting or accepting any type of user data)
  • Cookies policy (for websites collecting or accepting any type of user data or activity)
  • No broken links
  • Simple URL
  • Links to home page
  • Mobile device compatibility
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Design Criteria

  • Clear site architecture
  • Site navigation structure and feature site map
  • User friendliness – user should be clear what’s happening
  • Consistency – use of standard headers, footers, menus, colours, etc.
  • Help , FAQ
  • Page structure and layout – easy to read and understand, not congested
  • Good use of fonts, font sizes, etc.
  • Good colour scheme – standard colours for links, etc.
  • Good use of graphics – no over-use of graphics
  • Good use of html features – dynamic page content, etc.
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Content Criteria

  • Volume of content
  • Relevance to site objectives
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Bonus Points

  • Multilingual
  • Accessibility for disabled persons
  • Social Network integration
  • Use of latest technologies to improve site
  • Additional features
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