Who can apply for the TopWeb.LK award?

The award is open to all websites registered under the .lk domain. Please refer to Eligibility Criteria under Terms & Conditions to understand exceptions.

What is the form for sending an application to the TopWeb.LK award?

Using the online entry link, which is available at www.topweb.lk

Who are not eligible to enter the TopWeb.LK competition?

  1. The websites that contain any of the following will not be eligible to enter the award:
    • Websites with Illegal, Obscene, Abusive, or Preposterous content.
    • Websites that are of poor quality, in bad taste, or have defamatory content.
    • Websites that have been deemed unsuitable for the Competition by the management of LK Domain Registry for any other reason.
  2. .com or re-directing sites are not eligible for the award.
  3. .lk domains that are expired at the time of applying and throughout the evaluation period.
  4. Multilingual websites will be eligible only if their content is available in Unicode standards.
  5. Winners of the TopWeb.LK award within the last 12 months. (e.g., TopWeb.LK winners from February 2023 to January 2024 are not eligible to apply for TopWeb.LK February 2024.)

When can I apply for the TopWeb.LK award?

The competition will be held in the months of January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November, and December. The application Form will be activated as per the Time frame.

Can I apply after the deadline mentioned on the website (Late application)?

Without a valid reason, via email, we will not accept late applications after the application closing date.

When do I agree to the terms and conditions of the TopWeb.LK award?

You agree to the terms and conditions of the TopWeb.LK award at the time of submitting the application.

Any additional info to provide other than the application sent?

The management of LK Domain Registry reserves the right to request additional information if needed If the information is not sent on the given time period, the entries will not be evaluated.

How do you select the winners?

Choosing a winning website will be solely at the discretion of the management of LK Domain Registry and is not negotiable by applicants.

What is the procedure regarding the website’s security concern?

The nominated website can be scheduled for an external website scan at any time in the “Evaluation period” mentioned in the “Time frame” on the website’s security perspective.

How will the winners be notified if they have won the TopWeb.LK award?

The winners will be published as per the given Time frame in the website and on social media channels.

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