Level Up Your Website Game: Hear it from the CEO

Level Up Your Website Game: Hear it from the CEO

In this exclusive video, LK Domain Registry‘s Registrar/CEO, Prof. Gihan Dias, discusses TopWeb.LK, an innovative initiative transforming Sri Lankan websites. He explains his vision for TopWeb.LK, outlining its core functionality and the application process.

Prof. Gihan Dias emphasizes TopWeb.LK’s importance in enhancing website quality and building trust within the Sri Lankan digital landscape. He draws clear distinctions between TopWeb.LK and BestWeb.LK, showcases how the former focuses on continuous website evaluation across performance, design, content, security, and crucial bonus elements.

Watch the video to gain deeper insights into:

Which difficulties do you encounter in Sri Lankan website standards? We would like to hear your thoughts. Comment below and let us know.

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